2020 FHT Training Congress: therapy seminars specific to you


The 2020 FHT Training Congress is made up of 30 seminars, all of which are created specially for complementary, beauty and sports therapists as well as therapy business owners.

Keep reading for some seminars specific to you, to give you a taste of the options over the two-day event.

FINAL NVQ-Beauty-Therapy-Fast-Track-Courses1. For the complementary therapist

Jing’s Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari will provide a practical session showing you how to use ‘hot stone fusion for chronic migraine sufferers’. You’ll learn how to use advanced massage techniques, including trigger point, fascial work, stretching and soft tissue release to really make a difference to your clients. Join Jing on Sunday 3 May at 1pm – 2pm.

For those who would like to provide massage to additional needs clients, attending Emma Gilmore’s seminar, ‘additional needs massage’, is a must. Working with additional needs clients is so rewarding and after this seminar you will have a greater understanding of how to communicate with those clients, both verbally and non-verbally, as well as how to work safely with and create a nurturing space for them. Emma will also cover comfortable and supportive positioning, managing expectations of carers and parents and much more in her session on Monday 4 May at 2.30pm – 3.30pm.

industry_beauty2. For the beauty therapist

TEACH Therapy’s Kate Mulliss will be discussing ‘the use of aromatherapy in skin health and integrity’ on Sunday 3 May at 09.30am – 10.30am. Kate will talk you through how to incorporate essentials oils into skincare treatments to promote skin health and skin integrity. You will also learn which bases to use to achieve your clients’ desired therapeutic outcomes.

‘Become a powerful advocate in the fight against skin cancer’ with Marie Tudor from skin cancer awareness charity, Skcin. This session will focus on identifying the signs of skin cancer and how to sensitively and appropriately discuss this topic with your clients. This session will also cover the different types of skin cancer and how they present themselves. This talk is on Monday 4 May at 1pm – 2pm.

Sports-Therapy-Hero-900x4403. For the sports therapist

Join Cameron Reid on Sunday 3 May at 1pm – 2pmfor his session on ‘osteopathic techniques – sport and spine’. Learn how to integrate assessment and treatment using osteopathic techniques with a full explanation of how the management and approach to the same injury may differ between your sports and non-sports clients.

The deep spinal stabilisers, an essential muscle group that is often overlooked, is explored thoroughly in Ian Reinge’s seminar, ‘the role of the deep spinal stabilisers; the forgotten four’. Ian will teach you quick and simple tests that can be applied by any type of therapist, trainer or instructor and rehabillitation strategies to correctly apply and strenghthen this muscle group. Ian’s session is on Monday 4 May at 9.30am – 10.30am.

photo-1546432507-bd9e20b3c78b4. For the therapy business owner

Discover ‘how to identify your dream client’ with Nikki Collinson-Phenix, a business coach with over 20 years experience in the therapy world. Having a clear idea who your target market is will help you develop your business and reach those who you truly want to help. Nikki will be delivering this workshop on Sunday 3 May at 1pm – 2pm.

Whether it is getting to grips with digital marketing or refining the art of well-written website copy, we have two talks that can help. Gemma Went, award-winning business mentor and growth strategist, will discuss ‘how to grow your business online’ on Monday 4 May at 2.30pm – 3.30pm. Lisa Slater, owner of a professional copywriting agency, will provide stellar training to help you write ‘website copy that gets results’ that will inspire visitors to your website and win you more business. This talk is on Monday 4 May at 4pm – 5pm.

sophrology-pic-15. For those wanting to try something new

Our CPD sessions cover a wide variety of topics, demonstrations, techniques and ideas and it is the perfect opportunity to explore something new.

Richard Kravetz introduces ‘chair yoga’, a different take on the traditional practice that is an inclusive and accessible alternative for participants with disabilities or injuries. Richard will demonstrate the adaptations you can make so everyone can benefit from this activity on Sunday 3 May at 9.30am – 10.30am.

In her ‘Reflex Resonance Technique™’ seminar, Helen Mary Perkins will teach you how to take reflexology to an advanced level by combining traditional movements with sound, balance and healing. Not only will you discover how these skills can treat the body, you will also have a foot and hand reflexology demonstration followed by the opportunity to practice in pairs. Learn and take part on Monday 4 May at 1pm – 2pm.    

Book your sessions at the 2020 Training Congress today.

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