‘Do what makes you happy’ – the lady who quit her job and started a llama farm


Happiness is a feeling we all strive to achieve, whether it’s through embracing the small pleasures in life or focusing on a bigger goal.

NHS programme director, Celia Gaze, found her happiness in one long necked animal with a tendency to spit. Celia was feeling particularly stressed at work and after being signed off with burnout, she reconsidered her options and decided to quit her job in the pursuit of happiness.

Celia identified that the cause of her stress was the pressure she was putting on herself to succeed. She knew she wanted to set up her own business and decided to research ideas that would be as stress-free as possible, which was when she came across the idea of setting up a llama farm.

She said: ‘Live your life now, go. What have you got to lose? Make 2020 the year you changed your life.’

There has been an abundance of research on the things that make us happy, from being kind to having direction in our lives. Read more tips for achieving a happy life at actionforhappiness.org.

Watch a video about Celia at facebook.com/watch/?v=702743113588614

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