A family occupation: why winner of FHT Student Therapist of the Year is so passionate about holistic therapy


Elle Bussey won Student Therapist of the Year at the 2019 FHT Excellence Awards on the 29 of November.

Holistic therapy has been a big part of Elle’s upbringing, with her mother and grandfather both having had practiced in the field. Elle first began learning about herbs and essential oils but found that she was being increasingly drawn to reflexology so decided to turn her attention to reflexology. She has recently qualified with a reflexology diploma from her local college.

Her biggest challenge while studying was anatomy and physiology (A&P) and she struggled to find a map with the anatomy illustrated accurately on both feet, along with corresponding chakra colours.

This prompted Elle to create her own foot chart using oils on canvas. She found it enhanced her learning of A&P and improved her flow of treatments as she found it easier to visualise each body area on the feet more clearly as she worked.

Reflexologists can now purchase Elle’s chart online to use as a resource for their practise. Visit sites.google.com/view/healingtouchreflexology/shop-gift-vouchers to buy Elle’s print.

A full breakdown of each of our 2019 FHT Excellence Award winners can be found in the Winter issue of International Therapist magazine, due out on Thursday 23 January.

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