The latest Action for Happiness calendar focuses on making yourself and others happy


Every month, Action for Happiness produces a calendar packed with daily actions we can take to increase our own happiness and that of others around us.

This January, the charity’s ‘Happy New Year’ calendar focuses on daily activities to help you be happier yourself and bring happiness to others.

When writing down your hopes and plans for the future on day 31, consider some of our  suggestions below:

  • Begin with little steps that will help you achieve a bigger goal.
  • Approach your hopes with a positive attitude, tell yourself: ‘this can happen’.
  • Tell your plans to a friend so they can help you along the way.

The calendar is free to download as a PDF or image file (JPEG) in 16 different languages. You can also download the actions straight to your calendar using a Google Calendar or iCalendar file.

Download the January 2020 Action for Happiness calendar 

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