Top five factors for predicting compassion include voting preferences, sex, and age according to a new report


A national survey carried out in August 2019 found that the top five factors for predicting high levels of compassion are being female, voting remain in the 2016 EU referendum, living with three or more other people, being aged under 35 and voting Labour in the 2017 general election.

Interestingly, the report also stated that factors such as income, education, class or employment make no difference to levels of compassion.

Carried out by IPSOS Mori in partnership with Action for Happiness, the Kindness Report involved a series of questions put to 2,237 adults aged between 16 and 75.

The Kindness Report found that 60% of people think Britain has become less caring in the last ten years and only 8% of people think Britain has become more caring.

Research shows that being kind makes us happier (Nelson et al, 2016). This is reflected in the Kindness Report as 79% of respondents agreed that doing kind things for others makes them feel happier.

Action for Happiness is a charity that works to promote kindness around the UK. Each month they release a ‘kindness calendar’ which is free to download and easy to follow.

Read the full 2019 Kindness Report here.


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