Read Jackie’s story: Complementary Therapist of the Year 2019


Jackie Hamilton was awarded 2019 Complementary Therapist of the Year 2019 at the FHT Excellence Awards. 

After attending the FHT’s inaugural integrated healthcare conference in 2018, Jackie was so inspired by the work of Sir Sam Everington and Dr Michael Dixon, she made it her mission to return home, ‘win the hearts’ of local therapists and health professionals, and drive forward her passion to bring integrated healthcare to Norfolk.

Within a matter of months, Jackie had set up a not-for-profit community project called TherapyAid, with a vision of providing a network of therapists throughout Norfolk to provide free massage, reflexology and other therapies to unpaid carers. As Jackie commented in a blog, ‘Unpaid carers save the NHS more than £130 billion a year – we think they deserve attention.’

TherapyAid was officially launched in May 2019 at a mini conference in Norfolk called Together we are Stronger, organised by Jackie. Her key speaker was none other than Norman Lamb MP, who commented, “what you can offer, as therapists, can be life changing and in a way make life really worth living, so I strongly endorse what you are trying to do through this project and congratulations for getting it underway”.

Jackie spoke on Park Radio on Friday 6 December about Therapy Aid, how she felt about winning the award and how therapies could relieve pressure on NHS resources. Listen to the full radio interview below.

Read more about each of our 2019 award winners in the Winter issue of International Therapist magazine, due to be published on Thursday 23rd January.

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