A typical day in the life of our FHT Local Group Coordinator of the Year

Hazel Tudor

Waterlooville Local Group Coordinator, Hazel Tudor, won Local Group Coordinator of the Year at the 2019 FHT Excellence Awards on Friday 29 November.

Hazel has been involved in running the FHT Local Group in Waterlooville, Hampshire, since it opened in 2008. Initially, Hazel helped with providing refreshments and running an information table for group members, before she took up the role of coordinator six years ago.

In the Autumn edition of International Therapist (IT) magazine we featured a typical day in the life of Hazel.

In the morning, Hazel wakes up early, writes in her daily diary and goes for a brisk walk before starting her day. Hazel is a self-employed massage therapist so checks her appointment schedule after completing her morning routine. Over the day, she sees six clients for a range of massage therapies before heading off to lead her FHT local group meeting.

She finishes the piece by saying, ‘A busy day but one with lots of positive outcomes and a great local group evening. It is all worthwhile when everyone gives a big thank you when they leave.’

Read Hazel’s full ‘day in the life‘ as featured in the Autumn issue of IT magazine.

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