Numbers of employed ‘functioning’ addicts on the rise in the UK


Functioning people suffering with hidden addiction is on the rise due to stressful working lives, according to the UK Addiction Treatment Group (UKAT).  

Addictions such as social media, eating disorders, gaming, gambling, alcohol and prescription medication make up 80% of all annual admissions says UKAT.  

The treatment group put the rise of these kinds of addiction down to budget cuts. A freedom of information request submitted by the group found that there had been 18 million pounds worth of cuts to substance misuse centres in England this year.  

A collaboration between UKAT and BUPA has been set up to support functioning addicts. A spokesperson from BUPA said, ‘Our purpose is longer, healthier, happier lives and we achieve this by recognising established healthcare providers like UKAT. Addiction is a crippling illness and one that is treatable with the right expert help and support.’ 

Do you know someone who you believe is suffering with alcohol addiction? A special feature in the Winter issue of International Therapist magazine provides support on how to approach the subject with a client, friend or family member who wants to change their drinking habits. The Winter issue will be published on Thursday 23 January.  

Read more from UKAT at 


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