Action for Happiness encourages us to reflect on human connection this December

AFH kindness calendar

Every month, Action for Happiness produces a calendar packed with actions we can all take to help create a happier and kinder world.

This December, the charity’s calendar focuses on daily activities to reflect on ‘human connection and simple joys’, rather than consumerism.

When writing down a list of your extra acts of kindness for 2020, consider some of our  suggestions below:

  • If you see someone looking lonely or sad, ask them if they’re ok.
  • Help a friend achieve their New Year’s resolution.
  • Start planning how you will meet your 2020 goals.
  • Look in the January sales for a small gift to give someone else.
  • Do something silly and try to let loose. Consider dancing to a cheesy song or surprising someone when they’re least expecting it.

The calendar is free to download as a PDF or image file (JPEG) in 16 different languages. You can also download the actions straight to your calendar using a Google Calendar or iCalendar file.

Download the December 2019 Action for Happiness calendar 

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