Self Care Week: FHT’s Mary Dalgleish shares her top tips for de-stressing


This week is #SelfCareWeek (17 – 22 November) so we asked FHT Vice President, Mary Dalgleish, for some reflexology tips that our readers can try themselves.

Mary recommends a simple routine based on reflexology, a complementary therapy that involves the application of pressure to the feet and hands without using oil or lotion. “This combines simple hand massage and reflexology techniques and you can use it anywhere and at any time,” she says. “Start by washing your hands. If they are feeling rough and dry, add a teaspoon of sugar and a glug of olive oil into your palm and rub the mixture all over them, gently stretching each finger. Remove any excess product, then apply moisturiser and massage your hands together.”

Follow Mary’s steps below to relax your body and release tension.

  1. Squeeze both of your hands together into tight fists and slowly release them. Repeat this action a few times.
  2. Curl one of your hands and walk the opposite thumb along the crease of the palm, using a pressing motion. This will relax your diaphragm and calm your breathing.
  3. In reflexology, the thumb represents the head. Massage each thumb to soothe your mind.
  4. Press the fingerprint area of your thumb firmly to stimulate the pituitary gland reflex – this helps to regulate your endocrine system and balance your hormones.
  5. Slide your thumb upwards on the fleshy pad of each of your fingers to help clear your sinuses. Then slide down between the webbing on the back of your hands to stimulate lymphatic drainage.
  6. Massage your little fingers and the areas just underneath to relax tight shoulders. Finish by spreading out your fingers and slowly squeezing your palms together while breathing deeply. 

This article featured in December 2017 issue of Natural Health magazine. Read the full article here.

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