Lorraine Senior, MFHT, founder of Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT), receives humanitarian award

Blog Lorraine Senior wins ICT humanitarian award

At the 2019 International Council of Reflexologists conference held in Anchorage, Alaska, FHT accredited course provider, Lorraine Senior, was honoured to receive a humanitarian award in recognition of her voluntary work in Zambia.

‘Functional Reflex Therapy Global Projects is a foundation which is very early in its development,’ says Lorraine. ‘Its aim is to encourage sharing nurturing touch through the FRT Rainbow Relaxation Routine for children and adults, reaching out to those living in challenging environments and communities throughout the world.

‘Our project began in July 2017, when FRT travelled to St Mulumba school in Choma, Zambia, Africa. St Mulumba is a special place that provides a home, education and family support for over 200 children with physical, emotional and life changing conditions.

‘We felt very privileged to share our skills with many of the staff and pupils. I am now working with the senior education officer in the Southern Province in Zambia to continue developing the programme in 2020.’

Lorraine received an FHT Tutor of the Year award in 2017, which recognises and celebrates excellence in therapy education.

For more information, video links or to donate to Lorraine’s Global Projects, visit www.functionalreflextherapy.co.uk/global-projects

Read an article about Lorraine’s FRT work at a school for children with autism, first published in International Therapist (Winter 2018, Issue 123).

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