Blood pressure tablets found to be more effective if taken in the evening


People who take their blood pressure medication before bedtime are 66% less likely to die from heart and circulatory conditions, according to research published in the European Heart Journal (EHJ).

Globally over 10 million people per year die from conditions related to high blood pressure. This study finds that taking blood pressure tablets at a different time of day can reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack by 44%, heart failure by 42% and stroke by 49%.

The Hygia Chronotherapy trial is the largest of its kind to date, looking at 19,084 Caucasian Spanish men and women over a period of six years. Patients were split at random into two groups with one group asked to take their medication in the morning and the other in the evening.

Experts believe a person’s circadian rhythm or ‘body clock’ can change the effect of medication. The study found those who took their medication before bed saw their blood pressure dip lower at night than those who took the medication in the morning.

Researchers say that further studies looking at people of different ethnicities should take place before doctors change their advice on when to take blood pressure tablets.

See the full report.

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