Five great reasons to come to our 2019 FHT Conference this November

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The 2019 FHT Conference at The King’s Fund, London on Friday 29 November, is only three weeks away now! Last year was a sell-out and this year is shaping up to be the same, so if you haven’t already booked a place, now is the time to do it.

Following in the steps of last year’s event, which was a finalist for Best New Association Conference or Event at the 2019 Association Excellence Awards, this year’s conference will inspire, inform and involve you:

1. Discover how to get involved in the future of healthcare

Influential GP, Dr Michael Dixon, said at last year’s conference, ‘GPs interested in complementary medicine are prescribing antibiotics 25% less’, indicating a positive shift towards integrated health. Be inspired by our expert speakers who are working at the forefront of integrated healthcare, who understand how our healthcare system works and the future opportunities available for complementary therapists.

2. Learn new skills to support your practice

Gwyn Featonby, winner of the 2018 FHT Tutor of the Year at our annual Excellence Awards, said, ‘highly skilled and enthusiastic practitioners are key to the provision of quality assured and effective complementary therapy.’ Gain insight into integrated healthcare, how to support your clients and develop your practice by evaluating treatments using patient reported outcome measures.

3. Hear about integrated healthcare success stories 

President of the FHT, Chris Byrne, said of last year’s event, he ‘came away inspired to think of new ways we can all work together to ensure even more people get access to the best of both conventional and complementary care’. Hear from our speakers, who will discuss the successes of the integrated health initiatives they have spearheaded, highlighting the benefits for both patients and the therapists.

4. Network with industry figures and like-minded therapists

Helen Robinson, MFHT, came away ‘buzzing with all the potential’ after last year’s conference. You will have ample opportunity to network with industry figures and other therapists, allowing you to make new connections, learn from each other’s experiences and strengthen the holistic therapy community as a whole.

5. Be inspired

The expert speakers and 2019 FHT Excellence Award winners will leave you inspired about the possibilities for your own career and how can you support your clients, fellow therapists and integrated healthcare. We hope you leave the conference with ideas that will help you evolve as a therapist and be part of the integrated health cause that will help more people access effective health and care.

Jackie Hamilton, FHT Member and Local Group Coordinator, praised the 2018 FHT Conference, ‘I was so motivated and inspired after attending last year’s FHT conference, I went back to Norfolk, determined to make a difference. I formed a new Facebook group to unite like-minded therapists and promote integrated healthcare, became chair of my local GP surgery’s Patient Participation Group and started a charity called TherapyAid, which provides free therapy treatments to unpaid carers in our local community. If you’re attending this year’s FHT Conference, go with this in mind: it might just inspire you to do things that you never dreamed of. It might just change your life.’

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