National Massage Day and Pro-Touch Awareness Month to promote massage and positive touch this October

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It has recently been confirmed that National Massage Day (NMD) will be held on 1 October 2019, coinciding with Pro-Touch Awareness Month, which runs for the whole of October.

Organised by Liz Badger, founder of The Therapist Business Club and Face The World, the aim of these two initiatives is to raise awareness about the many benefits of massage and hands-on therapies, and ultimately the importance of human touch and connection.

For therapists wanting to get involved, there is a range of support materials available from a dedicated website ( ), including articles from the FHT, and a special Facebook group, where people are invited to share blogs, testimonials and photographs of any NMD or Pro-Touch Awareness events organised, along with ‘ideas on how this wonderful month for the sector can be celebrated’.

Enter FHT’s special prize draw…

National Massage Day competitionThe FHT holds the largest Accredited Register of complementary therapists – including massage therapists – to be independently approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, as part of a government-backed programme.

In support of NMD and Pro-Touch Awareness Month, the FHT will be giving away 10 FHT tote goody bags, containing an FHT natural plant wax candle, to help create a relaxing treatment environment for your clients, and a copy of FHT’s membership magazine, International Therapist. It’s free to enter but please note you can only enter once! Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the online prize draw form (see link below). Closing date for entries: 31 October.

Enter FHT’s NMD and Pro-Touch Awareness Month prize draw

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