Dr Chatterjee’s latest podcast looks at the link between human performance and mindset

Dr ChatterjeeDr Rangan Chatterjee is a GP, TV presenter and best-selling author of The Stress Solution and The 4 Pillar Plan, who kindly contributed an article to International Therapist magazine last year about lifestyle medicine. He also produces Feel Better, Live More, the number one health podcast in the UK.

In episode 73 of his podcast, Dr Chatterjee interviews Ross Edgley, the first ever swimmer to circumnavigate the whole of Great Britain – an incredible 1,780 miles in 157 days – without setting foot on land. As well as explaining how he got through his epic journey, Ross talks to Dr Chatterjee about the science behind why our minds limit us, explaining how we can all push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and reap the amazing knock-on benefits that come from doing so.

While Ross’s achievements are quite exceptional, Dr Chatterjee comments, ‘The overriding message from both of us is – it doesn’t matter where you start, just start somewhere. I hope this episode inspires you to push yourself outside your circle of comfort.’

Listen to episode 73 of Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More podcast


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