FHT writes five-page therapy feature for Sleep Well magazine

Sleep_cover low resWe are pleased to have recently contributed a five-page feature article to Sleep Well: The Ultimate Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep.

The article looks at five different complementary therapies that can help improve sleep—aromatherapy, massage, hypnotherapy, reiki and reflexology—and talks about how to find a therapist you can trust at fht.org.uk/findatherapist

We regularly contribute to national  consumer publications to promote the FHT, its members, the therapies they practice.

Sleep Well: The Ultimate Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep is the fourth wellbeing special created by Calm Moment, publishers of In the Moment.

Read our full article here

2 thoughts on “FHT writes five-page therapy feature for Sleep Well magazine

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    Hey, Been reading your sitee for a while just wanted to
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    Trying atain and will this one do thhe same????
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