Hypnotherapy highlighted by Metro


Daily newspaper, Metro, highlights the use of hypnotherapy for fertility and the Accredited Register in a recent article on its website.

The article discusses whether hypnosis improves the odds of conception, saying that ‘research has shown that hypnotherapy tends to work for around 72% of people in relation to fertility’.

Furthermore, a fertility expert quoted in the article says that they recommend hypnotherapy to clients because of ‘it’s ability to change our outlook’, which in turn ‘releases brain chemicals that support fertility and our nervous system to operate from feed or breed (rather than fight or flight, which is a response to danger)’.

The article quite rightly highlights the importance of finding a suitably qualified hypnotherapist and suggests that readers search for a practitioner through an Accredited Register,  approved by the Professional Standards Authority, such as FHT’s Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register.

Access the full article



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