FHT member interviewed for the Dungannon Herald

Jackie Grimley_low_res

FHT member, Jackie Grimley, has recently been featured in the Dungannon Herald as the subject of ‘The Big Interview’.

Jackie told journalist Annmay McNally about her career journey, her recent Families First Northern Ireland Healthcare Provider Award win, and how helping other people is central to her role as a complementary therapist.

Jackie’s commitment to helping others also extends to fellow therapists, as she is the South Tyrone FHT Local Support Group Coordinator. Speaking about this role, Jackie told the Dungannon Herald:

‘Since the group started I have arranged monthly meetings where we have heard from speakers like Josephine Gallagher (Angel Sanctuary), Dr Aileen O’Kane (All illness begins in the gut) and Trudy Arthurs to name a few.

‘These meetings have proved to be a popular and light-hearted way to connect, learn and share with local therapists.

‘It has been rewarding for me, as it provides a platform for therapists to discuss any concerns they may have, and helps spread the word on what is happening in the world of holistic therapies.

‘My aim for these meetings is to help take away that fear of loneliness as it is my belief that together we really are stronger and have a lot to offer.’

Read Jackie’s full interview in the Dungannon Herald

Find out more about FHT Local Support Groups

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