Advice, exercises and treatments for low back pain – a free webinar

Jane Johnson webinar

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Human Kinetics to host a free webinar on low back pain on Wednesday 19 September at 3pm.

The session will give you the opportunity to learn safe and effective treatment options for those with acute and chronic low back pain, and help you to gain a deeper understanding of some of the causes of the condition. What’s more, FHT members will receive 5 CPD points for watching the webinar and completing the reflective practice document we’ve put together for the session.

The webinar will be presented by Jane Johnson, author of six books on anatomy and physiology and a popular speaker at our recent 2018 FHT Training Congress.

Jane will cover:

  • Some causes of low back pain, and why people with the condition may be discouraged from having scans and x-rays
  • General advice and examples of exercises you can give to those suffering from both acute and chronic back pain
  • Measures you can use to assess how effective your advice and treatment has been for a client
  • Common questions about low back pain

Find out more and register


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