ThinKNotts – UK’s first community mass meditation event

On Saturday 13 May, the free entry event ThinKNotts will be held in Market Square, Nottingham. Featuring the UK’s first community mass meditation, a ‘sound bath’, workshops, educational health talks, music, holistic therapies, stalls and more, the public is invited for a day of well-being. This event will also introduce the Unplugged Space (US) meditation hubs in Nottingham.

ThinkNotts_low res

The Unplugged Space aims to make meditation and the awareness of its benefits freely available and accessible to all. The first US Hub has been created at Nottingham’s Tiger Boe Centre, with free meditation sessions hosted every Saturday attracting a range of people, from grandmas to children and doctors to janitors.

ThinKnotts is thrilled to host Sarah McLean, meditation expert and author from Sedona, Arizona, who will lead a compassion and peace meditation for 1000+ people in Market Square, suitable for anyone of any age. There will also be musicians and information booths on nutrition and complementary therapies.

People are advised to bring something comfy to sit on during the day’s various activities.

“Daily stress can take its toll… a few moments of meditative calm can help improve mood, a sense of well-being, and boost energy level considerably,” says Sue Cooper, registered nurse and co-founder of US. The 5-year vision for Unplugged Space is to create hubs in schools, universities, workplaces, health centres and creative spaces within all communities.

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