My Journey with the Total Release Experience (TRE)

By FHT accredited training provider Caroline Purvey

My Journey with the Total Release Experience (TRE)

My journey started over four years ago when I was about to embark on opening my own yoga studio. A dream I held after leaving full time teaching in a 24/7 boarding school. I was trained to trainer level and taught yoga to staff and pupils as well as in the wider community. So when I left the school I took the opportunity to turn my hobby into my work. This was all happening at a time when my daughter was happily married and living in South Africa and was due to give birth to her first baby. Like any mum, I said to her we will be out there for the birth. However, birth like death comes when it wants. I was a touch concerned we could be in SA for two weeks having to return and no baby!

One night, I had a mail from one of my yoga students who sent me a link and asked if I had heard of TRE. Of course I hadn’t, I took a quick look before going to class. When she saw me she was quite excited and after my questions she told me a friend with a visitor from SA had told her about TRE and it ‘sounded amazing’. That night something urged me to take a further look. Before I went to bed that night I made a call to SA, I spoke to an English doctor who took TRE to SA. I had also booked two flight tickets because at the time of the birth, David Berceli was running a training in SA and of all the things I knew the venue – it was five minutes from my daughter’s home. The writing as they say was on the wall. We arrived on Monday, baby James arrived on Wednesday and the following week I attended the first stage training.

There were 100 people from around the world and I was the only one from the UK. At the end I stood up and vowed that I would go back and bring TRE to the UK.

When I returned home, I opened the Yoga Centre, set up TRE UK™ and started to invite people to be my case studies for TRE. Although I had no materials or support network I really understood the concept. Slowly, on a local level, the word was spreading. About nine months later one of my clients, who had done the practice after losing her father, called to say her friend was suffering during an acrimonious divorce, she had tried everything wanted to experience TRE. She then said ‘Oh and she is a reporter with the Daily Mail’, I thought this would either be the shortest career in history or it could go somewhere! She wrote a very positive article. The day the paper came out I had over 4000 hits on my website. I realised that from Land’s End to John O’Groats there were many people suffering from anxiety and illness from day to day stress and deeper held traumas.

That summer, I drove 1400 miles around the country and started to deliver workshops teaching the Total Release Experience (TRE). I guess my mission for the UK had started. Since then I have delivered over 90 workshops and over 400 weekly sessions. In 2015, having written my training programme, I started the TRE UK™ Diploma course with six lovely people who had all done TRE for themselves and their passion was indicative enough for me that they would be the start of the TRE UK™ team.

I am more than proud that my course has been accredited by the FHT, making it the first accredited course of its kind in the UK and probably the world. It is a standard for the professionals that want to join with me in sharing the work. Now with representation in Oxford, Bournemouth, Somerset, Kent and Bristol, the opportunity for others to learn is increasing. I have also been asked to share my work with university students on a course for trauma psychology. My team and I worked with 31 stressed sixth form students in a school. Awesome. The week after it was that with the staff. My journey continues.

As a yoga teacher I thought I had a great understanding of the anatomy of humans and it has been my key interest. However, the insights that have revealed themselves through TRE have been incredible. I feel blessed to have found this work and although I am busier now than I probably have ever been, I am on a mission – it is what I wished for.

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