Sports participation in Wales on the rise

Over two fifths of adults in Wales are hooked on sport, according to a new survey. 

Wales sport

Sport Wales has recently published a report on its latest Active Adults survey, which reveals that 41 percent of people over the age of 15 in Wales participate in sport at least three times per week. This is up two per cent from 2013 and 12 per cent from 2008.

However, there is still a gender gap, with 46 per cent of men hooked on sport and 35 per cent of women. Similarly, participation rates among disabled (29 per cent) and non-disabled people (48 per cent) varied.

The most popular activity to take part in was the same for women and men, with 47 per cent of adults stating a preference for walking. Other popular activities included exercise and fitness, swimming and athletics.

In addition, 72 per cent of adults would like to do more physical activity or sport. Males showed a preference to take up more cycling and swimming, while women wanted to do more exercise and fitness, as well as swimming.


Sport Wales produced infographics on the findings that can be viewed below:

Read the full report here



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