FHT hosted course

Due to popular demand, FHT is pleased to offer the following course in Scotland, this November.

FHT hosted course

Advanced reflexology
14th November, Hamilton

This detailed one-day workshop will teach you how to give an advanced reflexology treatment, covering a range of comprehensive methods:

You will learn:

  • Learning the breathing techniques of the client and yourself
  • Body weight techniques (reducing wear and tear of the thumb joint)
  • Advanced caterpillar walking techniques
  • Finger and reflex rotation techniques
  • Pressing on two parts with precision of the foot to create a stronger effect in the body
  • Precision and accuracy of specific organs, enabling a more specific treatment to meet your client needs.

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Maternity reflexology
15th November, Hamilton

This comprehensive workshop will give you an understanding of infertility and maternity reflexology, covering a range of helpful topics:

You will learn:

  • Systems of the body to be worked during pregnancy
  • Understanding of maternity and infertility techniques
  • Compiling a detailed case history
  • Contra indications and their implications
  • Common complaints and related reflex areas
  • Treating and caring for the patient
  • Instruction in practical work
  • Referrals of patients to a G.P. and midwife
  • Holistic approach.

To find out more and book you place

Remember, if there is a course you would like to run in your area, find a group of therapists and we’ll find the speaker. Email education@fht.org.uk with the details.

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