Applying make-up when visually impaired

applying make-up when visually impaired

In a BBC article, visually impaired people explain their innovative methods for applying make-up, from counting brush strokes to using their sense of touch.

People who have never been able to see need to be shown some real basic techniques, and to learn from others before practising on themselves. Davison gives instructions like: “Place your index finger on the outer corner of your eyelid and pull it slightly so that the eyeliner glides smoothly across the surface.” She urges visually impaired women to avoid liquid eyeliner and instead opt for the more crayon-like products as they glide on smoothly and dry quickly, which helps avoid smudging.

Eyeliner can be tricky to put on without sight, because you experience little sensation in your eyelids, making it difficult to feel how it has been applied. Some blind people get liners permanently tattooed on for this reason. Lips are more sensitive and so lipliner is easier to do.

Davison says that “blending in make-up is particularly important for blind people”, who can’t see where lines have appeared between colours, or where foundation ends and skin or hair begins. If make-up is done well she believes it helps to kill off any ideas people might harbour “that blind people don’t know what they’re doing.”

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Image: Dollar Photo Club

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