Should therapists offer support ‘above and beyond’ the therapy treatment?

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On occasion, clients will raise a personal matter towards the end of treatment (see example below). Should therapists try to offer additional support, within their scope of practice? Or can this create problems, such as the client expecting this on a frequent basis, or impact the day’s schedule and the treatment of the next client?

Example taken from On Reflection by Dr Peter Mackereth (International Therapist, Issue 106, page 22): An aromatherapist working in private practice is treating ‘Joan’ on a weekly basis to manage her work-related stress and flare-ups of irritable bowel syndrome. Joan repeatedly leaves items of jewellery in the therapy room. As the therapist passes an item to Joan, she says tearfully: ‘I don’t know where my head is … my husband is seeing another woman …it’s left me feeling really alone’. The therapist has another client due in 20 minutes.

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