Over half of British men allow their partner to help with personal grooming

Curious to discover the personal grooming habits of the nation’s men, a leading money saving website in the UK has conducted a survey to see whether or not men like to look after their looks by themselves or enlist the help of their partners. According to the research, over half of British males, 53%, have a partner help them with their grooming regime.

New research from a money saving website in the UK has discovered that many British men enlist the help of their partner when it comes to their grooming regime, with ‘shaving hard to reach hair’ being the top grooming procedure that they asked for their partner’s assistance with. 

The survey, conducted by polled 2,103 British men from across the country, in a bid to understand their personal preferences when it came to personal care and grooming. All respondents were in a relationship. Respondents were initially asked whether or not they cared about their appearance, to which 91% said that they did. Out of those respondents, 89% said they believed personal grooming was important for men.

Respondents were then asked how often they partook in personal grooming, such as shaving, clipping toenails, moisturising, tanning etc. 42% claimed they did so on a daily basis, while 31% said ‘weekly’ and 17% said they groomed on a ‘fortnightly’ basis. 8% of respondents claimed they ‘rarely’ groomed themselves.

When asked whether or not their partner helped with their personal grooming regime, the majority, 53%, said they did, while 47% said they took care of it themselves. 

Furthermore, when asked what type of grooming procedures their partner helped them with, the top 10 was as follows: 

  1. Shaving hard to reach body hair – 53%
  2. Trimming/plucking Nose Hair – 49%
  3. Cutting nails – 46%
  4. Plucking body/ facial hair – 41%
  5. Trimming ear hair – 38%
  6. Applying fake tan – 35%
  7. Applying moisturiser – 32%
  8. Waxing – 29%
  9. Dead skin scrapping on feet – 23%
  10. Trimming pubic hair – 11%

When asked to stipulate their reasons for asking their partner to help whilst looking after their appearance, 37% of males claimed they did so because it ‘pleased’ their partner, whilst 25% claimed they wanted to look their best and 15% admitted they needed help reaching certain places. 12% admitted that their partner did not like body hair on them, whilst 8% of respondents claimed that they did not like body hair themselves.

According to the research, 39% of respondents claimed they preferred to have their partner’s input when it came to their personal looks and grooming habits and 36% said they preferred to style and groom themselves. A quarter, 25%, claimed they listened to their partner’s input and their own when it came to their grooming habits.

Of those who admitted that they preferred to look after their personal looks, without the influence of their partner or anyone else, 37% claimed they did not need input or advice when it came to their looks, while 26% said they preferred to keep their beauty habits private and 21% said they did not want their partner to watch them whilst grooming. 14% admitted that they did not want their partner to see them pre wax or grooming.

George Charles of had the following to say about the findings:

“Whilst it is common knowledge that women often look after themselves, we were interested in discovering whether or not men were interested in self grooming and whether or not they asked their partner to help them. It turns out that women across the nation are actually looking after their men in more ways than one, as over half of men who took part in the poll admitted that their partner helped then with it came to their personal look and grooming habits. As some listed waxing, trimming body hair and even scrapping dead skin off feet as some of the treatments they were willing to do for their partner, it seems that love for some couples means looking after their partner’s looks!” 

He continued:

“Be sure to look for the best deals on personal grooming products before you purchase though – stocking up on grooming and even beauty products can be expensive. Also, make sure you ask your partner’s permission before assuming she will be willing to help with the grooming process – better safe than sorry!”

Image: iStockphoto

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