Launched by FHT President, Jennifer Wayte

Namaste! Those of you who attended our 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner last October may remember that it was at this auspicious event that I announced the President’s Project. Supported by the FHT, Mel Cash, FHT Vice-president Bharti Vyas and her husband Raj. The aim of this project is to develop a therapy training programme in India, which includes building a classroom and treatment clinic, in order to train students and provide much needed employment opportunities to those from the underprivileged sector.

I am pleased to report – and particularly to those of you who kindly helped us to raise more than £700 towards this project at the Gala Dinner – that steady progress is being made to turn this into a reality. Raj and Bharti (who are in India as I type), Mel and I are busy seeking support for this project from officials and dignitaries, both in India and the UK, in order to get things moving. Rest assured you will be the first to know as soon as I have anything new to report. 

Meantime, one more plea to help us add to the money pot for when this project does get the green light: at the FHT’s Training Congress on 19 May (click here for information) we will be holding a raffle for a portable couch, kindly donated by Affinity, so please bring a spare pound or two with you on the day. If you don’t turn out to be the lucky winner, at least you will know you have played a vital part in helping this worthy cause. I thank you in advance for your support.

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