Obituary for John Heath

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of John Heath.

John, with his wife Pam were the 3rd generation owners of Ellison’s, the Hair and Beauty company. They retired and sold the company in 2009.

John oversaw Ellison’s at a time of great growth and innovation in the professional beauty industry and were the first cash and carry company to supply a full range of equipment and products for the Professional Beauty Industry which was still in its infancy.

With John’s scientific background and enquiring mind, he ensured the company had many innovative products. One of the most well-known was his invention of the Sterex Needle, the worlds first single use, disposable, sterile electrolysis needle which was housed in a patented cardboard holder allowing for aseptic loading of the sterile needles into a needleholder. At the time there were major hygiene concerns about the common electrolysis practice of using one needle on lots of clients. John made electrolysis a safer treatment and was also responsible for the modern day electrolysis needle holder plus the UK’s  first blend epilator and other electrolysis equipment.  

John was a chemist by background; he also owned Supreme Organics a company which made own label products for a number of well-known hair and beauty companies as well as for Ellison’s. 

He also had great knowledge and enthusiasm for rockets and space travel, he wrote many articles on the subject and attended events worldwide including a special invitation to Moscow where he met astronauts.

He will be sadly missed by many.

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