“Sea cucumbers may hold the key to banishing wrinkles, research shows, because they can control the production of collagen in their bodies.”

According to a recent article on The Telegraph’s website, scientists at Queen Mary, University of London have identified the genes for peptides (messenger molecules) produced by sea cucumbers and sea urchins, that allow the creatures to control the collagen in their bodies. This research is said to hold promising implications for human beauty.

Professor Maurice Elphick from The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) at Queen Mary said:

“Although sea urchins and sea cucumbers may not look much like us, we are actually quite closely related to them.

“As we get older, changes in collagen cause wrinkling of our skin, so if we can find out how peptides cause the body wall of a sea cucumber to quickly become stiff or soft then our research might lead to new ways to keeping skin looking young and healthy.”

Read more from this article here

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