It’s all about brightly-coloured lips in 2012 and while two-tone is a fun, high summer micro trend, dramatic red lips show more longevity; this spring/summer must will definitely be pushing into autumn/winter.

Seen on some of the top designers’ runways – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Michael Kors just to name a few – this is a not-to-be-missed trend that you and your clients will love.

In the height of summer, bold tints of candy apple, crimson and ruby are ideal, while the cooler winter months call for deeper shades of carmine, sangria and burgundy.

The trick to allowing the lips to speak for themselves (no pun intended) is keeping the rest of the face simple and clean. Try combining red lips with nude eyeshadow – or no eyeshadow at all – the subtlest hint of blush and of course flawless foundation. 

Image source: Elle/Gucci

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