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Today is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day of the year.

Speaking of summer in the Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald says, “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

What’s your favourite summer saying?

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Winning industry awards can lead to exciting new career opportunities. Last year Nefeli Tsiouti was presented with the 2018 FHT Sports Therapist of the Year award.

An international member of the FHT, Nefeli is a sports massage therapist with a background in dance and dance science. As such, the focus of her work and research has been to improve health and reduce injury in dancers, performing artists and other movers in general. From first-hand experience, Nefeli knows how prone this group is to injury and that some performers, such as breakers (or break dancers), are not invested in properly when it comes to injury prevention education. To address this, she collaborated with other dance and medical experts to conduct research and offer conditioning, strengthening and injury prevention workshops and lectures to dancers in several different countries.

Speaking about her award win Nefeli said, ‘I am honoured to have received the Sports Therapist of the Year award since it gives me international recognition for my work as a researcher and a therapist. FHT has been a very supportive organisation, and I know that this award will open many more doors for me and my career.’

2019 FHT Excellence Awards

We are still accepting entries for this year’s FHT Excellence Awards until 28 June 2019.

To find out more about nominating yourself or an inspirational colleague or team go to fht.org.uk/awards


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Mary D.jpg

FHT Vice President, Mary Dalgleish, will be giving a presentation on aromatherapy at the 2019 Integrative Health Convention in London this October.

The convention aims to bring together members of the public and health professionals with an interest in complementary and integrated healthcare, to learn, share and connect.

As well as explaining the health benefits of aromatherapy and what a typical treatment involves, Mary’s talk will cover the history and origins of aromatherapy; different modes of application; the therapeutic properties of various essential oils; and issues regarding safe practice.

Delegates will also be signposted to the FHT’s Accredited Register when looking for a professional complementary therapist, both at the end of Mary’s presentation and in FHT goody bags being distributed across the two days.

To promote her involvement, Mary recently took part in an interview with Dr Toh Wong, co-organiser of the convention and a council member of the College of Medicine. Click the link below to learn more about Mary’s talk, why she trained to be a therapist, and how she feels complementary therapists can help to support both the general public and the current health and care system. A special promotional code is available at the end of the video, providing FHT members a 5% discount off their booking.

Watch a video of Mary being interviewed by Dr Toh Wong

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In an article on yoga for dementia in the latest edition of International Therapist, Tania Plahay tells us that yoga is highly adaptable and for everyone.

Tania says, ‘Older people often say to me, “Oh, I’m too stiff to do yoga.” To me, that is like saying, “I’m too dirty to have a shower.” Yoga is highly adaptable and suitable for all people.’

Read Tania’s article

A big ‘Thank You!’ to our nurses


Held on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, Nurses’ Day is held on 12 May each year to celebrate the contribution that nurses make to the health and wellbeing of all.

The day is recognised and supported by the Royal College of Nurses, which provides guidance and resources to nurses looking to mark the day with a special party (see www.rcn.org.uk/nurses-day/event-guide for more information).Janet Cairnie.jpg

Janet Cairnie, MFHT, is lead Complementary Therapy Practitioner (Renal Services) at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, where different activities will be held throughout the hospital to celebrate Nurses’ Day. Along with several members of her therapy team, she will be based at Salford hospital on 12 May, to offer free mini treatments to nurses, including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki.

‘It’s our way of showing our appreciation for the long hours, dedication and commitment provided by the nurses we work alongside,’ Janet told the FHT.

‘While we are normally based in the renal unit, all nurses, from all departments, are invited to have a treatment, including those working in the smaller satellite units, like Wigan and Bolton, where we will have one or two therapists present on the day. The nurses are so busy that they usually only get the chance to come and see us during their breaks, but it’s still nice to see them smiling and relaxed, even if it is just for 10 minutes!’

We’d love to hear from other FHT members who are getting involved with activities to celebrate Nurses’ Day, no matter how big or small the event or initiative. Please get in touch with us by email at communications@fht.org.uk