Congratulations to Gill Tree on the success of National Massage Day last Friday, 16th May!

Many therapists, training schools and clinics took park in a massage conga and offered discounts on the day. Gill led the conga in London, from Westminster Bridge to St Thomas’ Hospital, where 130 staff received a massage.

Make a note in your diary for the next National Massage Day, taking place on Friday 15th May 2015. For further details and to get involved, visit

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Image: Gill Tree

National Massage Day

The FHT is happy to support the concept of positive touch and the Manifesto for a Pro-Touch Society. Here’s one supporting activity you may want to put in your diary… 

It’s ‘National Massage Day’ on Friday 16th May, where everyone in the UK is encouraged to reach out and touch someone they care for. 

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Image: Gill Tree