Surviving your Blue Monday

Are you feeling particularly down today? No matter how hard you try does nothing seem to be going right? You could be feeling the effect of Blue Monday and you’re not alone.

Depressed business womanThe third Monday of January is historically known as the most depressing day of the year, which could be due to a number of reasons. For example many peoples New Year resolutions start to become more difficult to keep, the dark and rainy weather throughout the day could be taking its toll and ultimately people feel physically and mentally worn out from the festivities of Christmas. Here at the FHT we wanted to share with you our top tips of surviving Blue Monday.

Positivity is key

Trying to stay positive throughout the day can be easier said than done, people tend to focus on what could go wrong instead of looking at the bigger picture. We know things can be difficult, but it is possible to overcome obstacles and reduce stress by keeping positive. In turn you will find that other solutions can present themselves.

Acknowledge your accomplishments

People can find it hard to praise themselves at the risk of sounding arrogant, however no matter how small the task, it is important to acknowledge your accomplishments. This is because it provides you with a sense of pride and reassurance that you are getting through your day the best you can. You got out of bed today no matter how easy it could have been to stay there all day, this is because you enjoy challenging yourself and the feeling you receive after a productive day.

Experience Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation which correlates largely with improved wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle. Mindfulness exercise helps you to get in touch with your breathing, which results in opening up a pathway to the brain in order to achieve a calm state. Dr Craig Brown offers a series of free 15 minute podcasts, giving useful advice and a mindfulness experience.

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Offer a helping hand

Studies have shown that by being there for someone often results in self happiness. This is because giving makes us feel good about ourselves, which results in doing more good things for others. By offering a helping hand to a colleague, family member or stranger you are spreading the message of kindness and showing the benefits of meaningful activities

Develop your sensitivity, develop yourself

We hope you enjoyed our DIY happiness tips in surviving your Blue Monday, Let us know your tips for surviving Blue Monday!