Population health – a new approach for better wellbeing

Health is not just defined by the absence of illness. It’s also about our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Access to traditional health services are of course important, but there are lots of other factors that affect our health and wellbeing. These include access to green spaces, social activities, education and employment opportunities, healthy food, and good housing and transport services. To prevent ill health and improve wellbeing within our local communities, all of these aspects need to be considered, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘population health’ approach.

The King’s Fund has produced a short animation that illustrates what a population health approach looks like. You can also find out more by reading their report, A vision for population health: towards a healthier future or by attending their free ‘virtual’ conference, The big population health conversation. Better still, FHT members who attend The King’s Fund virtual conference and complete a 500 word reflective practice form (downloadable from http://www.fht.org.uk/cpd) can gain 5 CPD points.

Three ways complementary therapists can help the NHS

After speaking to delegates at the 2019 FHT Training Congress, FHT member and Accredited course provider, Julie Crossman, spoke to us briefly about how complementary therapists can support the NHS.

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Three top tips for therapists working with trigger points

Author, therapist and therapy trainer, Jane Johnson offers us her top three tips for working with trigger points in a new video.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Jane at the 2019 FHT Training Congress after she delivered two fascinating talks on postural correction and trigger points for beginners.

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Read an article on trigger points by Jane Johnson

Three top tips for getting referrals from GPs

Practising GP, Dr Toh Wong, gave therapists insightful advice on getting referrals from GPs at the 2019 FHT Training Congress. We had the pleasure of meeting up with Dr Wong after the talk, where we asked him for his three top tips for getting referrals from GPs.

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What are the benefits of myofascial dry cupping?

It was a pleasure to once again work with Dawn Morse at this year’s FHT Training Congress. Dawn delivered a talk on the integration of dry cupping within sports and massage therapy and we asked her to tell us briefly about the benefits of the therapy.

Dawn is the founder of Core Elements, running FHT Accredited training courses, and has written articles for International Therapist on runner’s knee and snapping hip syndrome.

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