Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day

Each year on the 17 February individuals, groups and workplaces from around the world are encouraged to give a small act of kindness. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can be the most powerful. The aim is to spread joy far and wide, with no other goal than to make someone else happy.

As part of Random Acts of Kindness day, we asked FHT staff to send a small gesture to one another, all created for free or relatively cheap.

Coronavirus restrictions have meant that staff had to think outside the box a little more this year and send a virtual gesture, here are some of our favourites…

  • A natural montage
  • A thoughtfully put together Spotify playlist
  • A short ‘Which cat are you?’ quiz
  • An outdoor swimming journal
  • A PowerPoint presentation with a kind message at the end
  • A short video featuring hand painted stones
  • A series of cute baby animal photos
Image from YouTube (Cute baby animals Videos Compilation cutest moment of the animals – Soo Cute! #12)
  • A promise of a cup of coffee when staff are able to return to the office

Staff commented on the idea to say that it put a smile on their face and that it was a ‘lovely start to the week’.

Have you carried out a random act of kindness today? Let us know what on Facebook and Twitter @fht_org and on Instagram at @internationaltherapistmag

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