Share your thoughts on PPE in a new survey

Funded by the Durham University COVID-19 Response Fund, a new survey aims to discover the effects of PPE and distancing on communication in health, social care and wellbeing services.

Through the Behind the Mask survey, experts aim to find out more about the experiences of people who give and receive care under COVID-19 guidance.

Judith 2Questions are focused on the experiences and opinions of people who give and receive care under COVID-19. The study aims to discover the behaviours and technologies that may help to break through the communication barriers caused by masks and remote consultations, and the limitations of care without face-to-face contact and touch.

The findings will shape recommendations for policy, practice and product development, with the aim of making communication easier in the delivery of health and social care during COVID-19 and beyond.

Anyone can participate and FHT members are invited to share the survey link with their clients and colleagues. A PDF of the survey can also be printed out to share.

The survey is confidential and participants are not required to provide names or contact details. However, respondents can choose to add contact details if they wish to be involved in interviews and discussion groups as part of the project. It takes ten minutes or so to complete can be started and finished at a later date.

Andrea Lambell, MFHT, who developed the survey with professors at Durham University, will share a report with FHT members after the results have been analysed.

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