Why something as simple as wearing colourful clothes can cheer up your day

yellow and orange flowersShirley O’Donoghue, MFHT, shares a simple tip for making your days at home a little brighter.

Shirley said, ‘Being aware of the colours used in the rooms that you spend most time in. For example a blue room can have a cooling soothing effect but spending too much time in a room with that colour can increase feelings of loneliness and isolation (probably the last thing we need right now!).

‘Red in a room can be invigorating but too much red can make it hard to relax in. Try to spending time in rooms which suit your mood or can help to uplift it if necessary. There is a lot of interest in colour psychology now, this is why marketing experts set great store when deciding on the colour of logos and packaging. Subliminally colour affects our perceptions of what a product represents.

‘Similarly the colours you are wearing can often be a reflection of your mood. I wear a lot of orange when I can as my colour season is Autumn, orange is a good colour for me to wear. Black is not a very uplifting colour and so I would probably avoid somber colours and go for bright lively colours, pinks, light blues, yellow and light green – as well as orange! When the sun is shining these colours look lovely so we are moving into the right time of year to wear them.’

Staying positive during the coronavirus (COVOID-19) pandemic

Shirley said, ‘If you’re finding this time particularly difficult, realise that it wont go on forever. Very soon we will be looking back at this time and might feel that we could have used the time more constructively so try to learn new skills online, update your business, or find time to do some spiritual or personal development.

‘Keep positive and look for a silver lining. I think it will mean that we will all have to look at doing business differently, from my perspective I am looking at increasing our online courses and also offering online training but online booking procedures and marketing can help when we start to gear back up. Keep in touch with regular clients to see how they are doing and send them tips on self care that is relevant to the treatments that they come to you for.’

Shirley has been qualified in energy-based therapies for over 25 years including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Flower & Gem Essence Therapy, Colour Therapy but also teaches professional courses in Indian Head Massage, Crystal Facials, Thai Foot Massage and more

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