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Listening to what a client needs from a treatment can be an important part of being a therapist. This is especially true when working with clients with diagnosed health conditions, where you may be working with other health and social care professionals.

Speaking about supporting clients with arthritis in issue 118 of International Therapist, Carolyn Wellington, MFHT, says, ‘Make the time to listen. Make the time to care. In our role as a therapist, we are a small cog in a large wheel. Work with the clients’ GP, physio and external healthcare team.’


Quote of the week

Mary self care.jpg

FHT Vice President Mary Dalgleish says we can become better therapists, and people in general, if we look after ourselves as well as our clients:

‘As we learn better self-care, I feel that we become not just better therapists, but better people in general. When we are in touch with our own feelings and are filling our own tanks with self-respect and loving care, we have much more to give to everyone else.’


Quote of the week

Julie McCullough

As a scientist, Dr Julie McCullough is committed to researching the benefits of complementary therapies and adding to the growing evidence base.

In International Therapist 124, Dr McCullough says, ‘As a scientist, I felt compelled to find information on how and why complementary therapies were helpful and effective for so many people.’

As part of her PhD, Dr McCullough joined an established research team investigating the impact of antenatal reflexology on women experiencing stress caused by pregnancy-related low back and/or pelvic girdle pain. The findings of The CAM in Pregnancy Trial were very positive, which Dr McCullough will discuss with us at the 2018 FHT Conference.

Read Dr McCullough’s article on her reflexology research.

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