Effective use of crystals for stress and anxiety

Guest blogger and 2018 FHT Training Congress speaker, Jackie Winters, discusses how crystals can be used to help clients deal with stress and anxiety.


Stress and anxiety are conditions that are mainly linked to illness within the mind. However, the effects are experienced emotionally and physically in the body via the neurological system. Neurons in the neurological system operate by sending chemical and electrical impulses (subliminal messages) between synapses throughout the nervous system. Common physical responses to this illness being: palpitations, sweating, dizziness, blackouts and shaking amongst others.  Emotionally it can trigger feelings of being out of control, fear, obsessions and neediness. All of these reactions being a response to thought patterns, and are more likely to affect women than men.

Crystals contain piezo and pyro electrons which, when energetically activated, create piezoelectricity. These subtle electrical impulses emitted by crystals are already being utilized by scientists in watches, televisions and computers. They can also be used to bring stability within the neurological system by directly communicating with neurons. With full knowledge of the crystal frequency and the correct application crystals can make a significant difference in this area.

Statistics state that the three main reasons for mental anxiety and stress in today’s society are thoughts concerned with lack, uncertainty and being overburdened.

All of the above thought patterns are illusions that are most often created by unrealistic expectations of life, self or society.


3 crystals that can help


Chrysocolla releases feelings of being overburdened. The subtle electrical stimulant emitted by chrysocolla will relax, release and rebalance the energy field. It has been used effectively to improve breathing related conditions, relax shoulder tension and purify the mind.  If you are at work simply hold the crystal on the center of the chest, where feelings of being overburdened have a tendency to lay and take just five minutes of your time to exhale fully and allow the natural return of clean healthy air to the lungs. Focus mainly on the exhalation and imagine releasing all of your burdens. The vibration of chrysocolla will soon ease the anxiety.

jade.jpgJade is known as the stone of good fortune and longevity. It will help you slow down and become more mindful, affording you the time to appreciate life and prosper in all that you do. Jade soothes conditions related to the kidneys and has a calming influence on the mind. This is one crystal that I would definitely recommend for those who identify with the mental attitude of lack. Simply place the crystal on the forehead and massage gently at regular intervals throughout the day.

Howlite.jpgHowlite –  the frequency of this crystal is both stabilizing and balancing. When the mind locks into uncertainty it can require a strong amount of faith and trust to release the fear that arises. Howlite calms the digestive system and aids present moment awareness by relaxing the stomach nerves associated with anticipation or worry. For uncertainty of the future place a piece of howlite on the abdomen; for uncertainty associated with the past place it at the nape of the neck and breathe deeply until the anxiety has past.

All crystals should be cleansed and activated before use. If you require instructions on how to do this please visit our website www.britishacademyofcrystalhealing.co.uk


Did you know that according to research?

  • 16 million people in the UK experience stress and anxiety.
  • Three in four illnesses of the mind start in childhood.
  • 75% of those suffering with stress and anxiety start before the age of 18.
  • 1 in 4 students suffer with stress and anxiety.
  • 85% of the national workforce suffers with stress.

Stress and anxiety is rising within the UK. Crystals can offer a natural approach to self-healing and taking back the control.


Learn more at the 2018 FHT Training Congress

You can learn more about the subject of this blog article at the 2018 FHT Training Congress in the NEC Birmingham:

Jackie Winters croppedEffective use of crystals for stress and anxiety
With Jackie Winters
Room 1, Monday 21 May, 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Take control of stress and anxiety by using crystals – a natural way to calm the mind, soothe emotions and relax the body. Jackie Winters will introduce a selection of crystals and demonstrate effective placement on the body to initiate the best results to self-manage stress and anxiety.


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How to attract your ideal clients – by discovering your unique brilliance and authentic brand

Guest blogger and 2018 FHT Training Congress speaker, Emma Hague, discusses how to attract your ideal clients using archetypes.

Emma Hague

Have you ever got talking to someone new and felt like you’ve known them for years?

Ever noticed how you naturally resonate with the characters from certain books, films or songs? As though their story is one you’ve somehow lived yourself?

The same is true for your brand. Branding isn’t just about having a fancy logo to spark recognition – and the reality is most of us won’t live long enough to establish a brand like the Nike ‘swoosh’ or McDonald’s ‘golden arches’.

True branding for the small business owner is the emotional appeal you create – whether that’s with a logo, the way you speak or your physical presence.

As people who ARE our business, we naturally put across certain traits, values and language when we speak to our clients (and potential clients) – even if we don’t mean to!

And so it’s essential that you understand what you want your brand to be, what it stands for and how to get that across properly to people.

Ever feel like you’re not attracting your ideal clients? And wondered why?

Have a look at some of your competitors’ websites – I’ll bet you’ll find many are created from some kind of template and they can have a fairly standard, corporate feel to them.

Everything looks the same – same services, same stock photos, same fonts… it can be very difficult to work out the kind of people you’re dealing with and thus, many people who try to market purely online find it difficult to get the results they really want.

Doing good work and being honest and reliable are worthy characteristics. But let’s be realistic, it’s charisma and personality that make a person and their business succeed.

Which is why when I work with clients on creating their authentic signature brand, I include the amazing power of archetypes.


So what is an archetype?

Archetypes are well-established character types that exist in each one of us and permeate the essence of who we are.

Archetypes define our personality and our values and when you reflect your own archetype in your personal branding, your ideal clients are drawn to you.

Your audience can connect with who you are rather than just what you do (which may be the same as thousands of other business owners).

There are dozens of different archetypes and they’re often used in therapy and healing. I focus on just 12 in branding a business like yours.

What’s important to know is that each archetype: Alchemist, Maverick, Humanitarian, Artist, Nurturer, Jester, Romantic, Innocent, Hero, Ruler, Explorer and Teacher has it’s own meaning, personality, values, strengths, likes and dislikes and sense of mission.

What this means for you is that when you brand your business with the stunningly accurate power of archetypes, you immediately make your marketing easier and incredibly exciting because you’ll (finally!) clearly communicate who you are and what you’re all about to your audience.

Branding With Archetypes dives deep into the heart and soul of who you are. We see this shining through in highly successful people who’ve turned who they are into a brand they love.

Here are three examples to show you exactly what I mean:

Example 1: Angelina Jolie

Can you guess which archetype Angelina is? Well, in her early twenties Angelina was known for being a Rebel and she is still a voice for challenging authority (through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation she fights against global issues of injustice such as immigration, sexual violence and rape).

However, she channels most of her energy now through her true archetype of Humanitarian and is passionate about helping those less fortunate than herself. She is a special envoy for the United Nations and is noted for her extensive work in poorer countries of the world.

Example 2: Oprah Winfrey

What is Oprah’s speciality? Transformation! Oprah takes the raw material of life and turns it into something amazing through her charitable work and makeovers.

Her archetype is the Alchemist – the archetype of change and transformation.

Her message is clear and consistent: with enough determination ANYONE can live their best life.

Example 3: Me! Emma Hague

As a Ruler archetype (with some influence of the Hero) I am passionate about taking control of my own future and creating a prosperous and successful family and community.

I strongly believe that we are in control of (and responsible for) how our lives turn out and in helping others achieve the results they desire.

Which is why in the ‘Identifying your unique brilliance and authentic brand’ session I’ll be hosting at the FHT Training Congress in May, we’ll focus on how your brand is your personal archetype expressed through your business.

It’s personality that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. Archetypes give you a highly creative yet easily structured way to create a brand rich with emotion and personality – one that’s authentic and unique to YOU.

Emma will be giving two talks at the 2018 FHT Training Congress at the Holistic Health Show:

Charge what you’re worth and get it
Room 3, Sunday 20 May, 12pm – 1pm

Do you often feel unsure about what you should be charging? Do you feel like you can’t charge what you want to, because you’ll lose clients or you’d feel guilty charging more? Learn the secrets to understanding your own value and pricing with confidence, so you can finally charge what you’re worth… and get it!

Identifying your unique brilliance and authentic brand
Room 3, Monday 21 May, 10.30 – 11.30am

In this fun and inspirational session, you will discover your ‘brand archetype’, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognisable presence within you that is a client-attraction and opportunity magnet. Capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand that you can use in all of your marketing.


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