Top five factors for predicting compassion include voting preferences, sex, and age according to a new report


A national survey carried out in August 2019 found that the top five factors for predicting high levels of compassion are being female, voting Remain in the 2016 EU referendum, living with three or more other people, being aged under 35 and voting Labour in the 2017 general election.

Interestingly, the report also stated that factors such as income, education, class or employment don’t make a difference to levels of compassion.

Carried out by IPSOS Mori in partnership with Action for Happiness, the Kindness Report  involved a series of questions put to 2,237 adults aged between 16 and 75.

The Kindness Report found that 60% of people think Britain has become less caring in the last ten years and only 8% of people think Britain has become more caring.

Research shows that being kind makes us happier (Nelson et al, 2016). This is reflected in the Kindness Report at 79% of respondents agreed that doing kind things for others makes them feel happier.

Action for Happiness is a charity that works to promote kindness around the UK. Each month they release a ‘kindness calendar’ which is free to download and easy to follow.

Read the full 2019 Kindness Report here.


Read Jackie’s story: Complementary Therapist of the Year 2019


Jackie Hamilton was awarded 2019 Complementary Therapist of the Year 2019 at the FHT Excellence Awards. 

After attending the FHT’s inaugural integrated healthcare conference in 2018, Jackie was so inspired by the work of Sir Sam Everington and Dr Michael Dixon, she made it her mission to return home, ‘win the hearts’ of local therapists and health professionals, and drive forward her passion to bring integrated healthcare to Norfolk.

Within a matter of months, Jackie had set up a not-for-profit community project called TherapyAid, with a vision of providing a network of therapists throughout Norfolk to provide free massage, reflexology and other therapies to unpaid carers. As Jackie commented in a blog, ‘Unpaid carers save the NHS more than £130 billion a year – we think they deserve attention.’

TherapyAid was officially launched in May 2019 at a mini conference in Norfolk called Together we are Stronger, organised by Jackie. Her key speaker was none other than Norman Lamb MP, who commented, “what you can offer, as therapists, can be life changing and in a way make life really worth living, so I strongly endorse what you are trying to do through this project and congratulations for getting it underway”.

Jackie spoke on Park Radio on Friday 6 December about Therapy Aid, how she felt about winning the award and how therapies could relieve pressure on NHS resources. Listen to the full radio interview below.

Read more about each of our 2019 award winners in the Winter issue of International Therapist magazine, due to be published on Thursday 23rd January.

A typical day in the life of our FHT Local Group Coordinator of the Year

Hazel Tudor

Waterlooville Local Group Coordinator, Hazel Tudor, won Local Group Coordinator of the Year at the 2019 FHT Excellence Awards on Friday 29 November.

Hazel has been involved in running the FHT Local Group in Waterlooville, Hampshire, since it opened in 2008. Initially, Hazel helped with providing refreshments and running an information table for group members, before she took up the role of coordinator six years ago.

In the Autumn edition of International Therapist (IT) magazine we featured a typical day in the life of Hazel.

In the morning, Hazel wakes up early, writes in her daily diary and goes for a brisk walk before starting her day. Hazel is a self-employed massage therapist so checks her appointment schedule after completing her morning routine. Over the day, she sees six clients for a range of massage therapies before heading off to lead her FHT local group meeting.

She finishes the piece by saying, ‘A busy day but one with lots of positive outcomes and a great local group evening. It is all worthwhile when everyone gives a big thank you when they leave.’

Read Hazel’s full ‘day in the life‘ as featured in the Autumn issue of IT magazine.

Numbers of employed ‘functioning’ addicts on the rise in the UK


Functioning people suffering with hidden addiction is on the rise due to stressful working lives, according to the UK Addiction Treatment Group (UKAT).  

Addictions such as social media, eating disorders, gaming, gambling, alcohol and prescription medication make up 80% of all annual admissions says UKAT.  

The treatment group put the rise of these kinds of addiction down to budget cuts. A freedom of information request submitted by the group found that there had been 18 million pounds worth of cuts to substance misuse centres in England this year.  

A collaboration between UKAT and BUPA has been set up to support functioning addicts. A spokesperson from BUPA said, ‘Our purpose is longer, healthier, happier lives and we achieve this by recognising established healthcare providers like UKAT. Addiction is a crippling illness and one that is treatable with the right expert help and support.’ 

Do you know someone who you believe is suffering with alcohol addiction? A special feature in the Winter issue of International Therapist magazine provides support on how to approach the subject with a client, friend or family member who wants to change their drinking habits. The Winter issue will be published on Thursday 23 January.  

Read more from UKAT at 


FHT contributes to the December issue of Natural Health magazine


We are delighted to have contributed an article to Natural Health magazine’s December issue, to promote the FHT, our members and the therapies they practice.

In the article, we look at the health benefits of frankincense, examining its historic use and how the essential oil produced from it has calming, balancing effects. The essential oil is thought to be good for chronic worriers or those who have an anxious or nervous disposition.

In addition, we include an important safety note, that essential oils should not be ingested or applied to the skin undiluted.

Read the full article here.

Award winner Jackie Hamilton speaks on Park Radio


Winner of Complementary Therapist of the Year, Jackie Hamilton, spoke on Park Radio on Friday 6 December.

Jackie spoke about her not-for-profit organisation called Therapy Aid, as well as integrated health and how therapies could relieve pressure on NHS resources.

Listen to the full interview below.

Video highlights of our 2019 Conference

The 2019 FHT Conference brought together leading experts in research, education and healthcare, to explore the future of integrated health and social care. The event was held on Friday 29 November at The Kings Fund, London and attracted delegates and speakers from across the country.

Keep an eye out in International Therapist magazine for updates about our 2020 Training Congress and our 2020 FHT Conference.