Congratulations to our 2021 FHT Green Therapy Business of the Year…Lucy Stevens, MFHT

Since setting up her own therapy business in Somerset in 2006, Lucy has gone to great lengths to try and place sustainability and ethics at its very core. As well as making her own range of plant-based skincare products that form part of her natural treatment offerings, every aspect of her business has been carefully thought through and considered. Among many other things, Lucy uses a green energy supplier; prints her publicity leaflets on 100% recycled paper; uses biodegradable, plantable pencils to write her notes; wears ethically produced therapy clothing; uses blankets made from recycled plastic bottles; and cleans her treatment room with eco-friendly cleaning products from independent companies. She also sourced locally-made, eco-friendly paint to decorate her studio and reclaimed furniture, and has created an aromatherapy garden outside, to encourage birds, wildlife and insects. The fresh flowers and herbs she grows are also used to decorate and scent the therapy room.

And many congratulations to our finalists for this award, Glynis Finnigan, Philippa Lee, Hannah Lovegrove, Melanie Price and Rima Shah.

Please revisit our blog tomorrow morning at 10:30am, when we’ll be announcing our Highly Commended 2021 Complementary Therapist of the Year!

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