Food Waste Day: Ten creative things to do with your food waste

The 28 April 2021 is Stop Food Waste Day, a campaign launched to drive awareness to the issue and to encourage more of us to cut down on our food waste. In our 2021 FHT Member Survey, we asked members ‘What causes and values are most important to you?’ and 23% responded sustainability. Knowing this cause is important to you, we have put together a helpful list of ways to make the most of your food waste.

Orange peel in tea

A simple yet delicious way to use your discarded orange peel, perhaps even add some honey in there for good measure!

Coffee ground as an exfoliant

A well-known tip but often forgotten, use your coffee ground as a natural exfoliant.

Make a vegetable stock from your scraps

Pop any vegetable scraps in a big pot, cover with boiling water and leave to simmer. Come back a few hours later to whizz up and pop them in an ice cube tray – whenever you need some veg stock, it will be in the freezer to hand!

Create ‘old’ paper with teabags

A fun activity to do with the kids, write a letter and dab the paper with a teabag for a vintage effect.

Use scraps as natural fabric dyes

In our Create Your Own feature, published in International Therapist Winter 2021, we showed readers how to create their own beeswax wraps. In this article, we used avacado pips, red cabbage and berry tea to add a vibrant colour to the material.

Banana peels as a drink for house plants

Did you know that banana peels can help your plants thrive? Next time you eat a banana, pop the peel in boiling water for a few hours, once cooled, use the water to feed your house plants.

Grind egg shells and use in the garden as a calcium rich powder

Egg shells are a food waste item that regularly get discarded straight after use. Try blending them up and creating a powder to spread across the soil in your garden.

Fruity scented home cleaning products

Down your Zoflora and make your own eco-friendly cleaning products, incorporating your used fruit waste. Not only will they smell delicious, you’ll never go back to your store bought products.

Soups and jams

Blended foods can be a great way to use hardier bits of fruit or veg that you can’t use in a typical meal. Chuck your broccoli stalks in a soup and put any fruit that is past its best in a homemade jam!

Preserve what you can

A lot of foods that we might not even think to preserve can be frozen. Next time your spinach is looking a little wilted or bananas are going brown, simply pop them in the freezer (make sure to peel your banana first!).

Find out more about Stop Food Waste Day.

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