Celebrating inspirational women in the industry this International Women’s Day

Each year on the 8 March, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated around the world. At the FHT we are taking some time to reflect on the important women in our lives and those inspirational figures in the therapy industry.

Coinciding nicely with IWD, comes a new book entitled ‘Beauty and the Best‘ which celebrates more than 20 successful and inspiring women who have forged a successful career in the beauty therapy industry. Read a short excerpt from Maria Mason, FHT Vice President, who speaks about her team at her award winning salon Beauty Time

‘Always aim to be someone your team can look up to, never ask anything of them that you are not willing to do yourself, invest in them, show them their worth. It goes without saying that sometimes you will employ people that are not a natural fit in your team and business, these are the difficult times, when you have to be brave. Respect that the team members who give all to you, deserve to work in a healthy and productive environment. I’ve been fortunate to have had longevity with many of my team, on average many have worked for me over 15 years. I have always supported and encouraged my therapist to enter awards and many have gone on to win national awards themselves. Entering awards as an individual, isn’t for everyone but the girls who stand centre stage in your business, understand that without the support of the team and reputation of the salon, winning is not possible, as each supports the other.

‘You invest a lot of time, love and energy into your teams and you will be there with them on some of the most precious days of their lives. Wedding days, baby days and sometimes sad days… They become like family to you and often, just as important as your own close family. One of the hardest lessons by far, is learning to let go, when the time comes for them to move on and to wish them luck, as they begin the next chapter in their own life. Then look back and be thankful for the days, years and times, they gave to you and your business.

‘Finding the right people for the right job is key. The customer journey, expectation and excitement, comes from the first mention of your business, whether it is by word of mouth, recommendation, search engines or social media. That first phone call, that first opening of the door to your salon, is vital to the lasting impression you leave in the mind and experience of the clients. Our reception team have always been outstanding.’

In our next issue of International Therapist magazine, Spring 2021 (issue 136), we will be publishing a longer version of Maria’s chapter as published in Beauty and the Best, RRP: £12.99 available from amazon.co.uk.

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