FHT Virtual Congress – Sound therapy with Craig Eddington

In the lead up to the FHT’s first Virtual Training Congress we will be introducing FHT members to our event speakers. This week we speak to Craig Eddington, FHT accredited course provider and founder of the Sound Therapy Company.

‘I am a musician, so sound and music have always been a big part of my life. I have been ‘playing with sound’ in one way or another since I was a teenager; this started out as creating soundscapes with early analogue synthesisers, which continues to be one of my main hobbies today. I also enjoy travel, adventure, the great outdoors, hill walking and creating deep, meaningful connections with people in all areas of my life.  

‘As soon as I experienced my first gong bath, I knew that I had found the career for me. The sound bath experience was a revelation, being an ‘air element’ with a busy mind, the use of sound allowed me to quickly enter a peaceful and calm meditative state. I also found the gong to be both relaxing and energising, I came out of my first sound bath feeling totally rejuvenated. This is the great paradox of sound therapy, how it is able to calm and energise at the same time.  

‘I now use sound practices to share this experience with others. I love hosting group relaxation sessions and believe that coming together to share a sound experience can be an empowering, enriching and spiritual experience. I tailor each sound bath to the requirements of the group, using Himalayan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls if the group are looking for a more spiritual sound bath. I introduce the gong at various points in the session, to encourage relaxation and grounding while at the same time creating an energising atmosphere.

‘As well as relaxation sound baths, I work on a one-to-one basis with clients where we look to improve a blockage they may be experiencing in their lives. I use my coaching skills paired with reflection techniques to guide clients’ during this process. 

‘I am delighted to be able to share my experiences of working with sound in the FHT Virtual Congress. During the seminar, we will be exploring:  

  • the mechanics and science of sound 
  • the two main principles of how and why sound works 
  • where sound therapy fits in relation to other healing modalities 
  • how sound sessions can help you to tune in to your inner world and energetic self 
  • how to use sound therapy to raise your vibration or encourage inner calm 
  • practical exploration of these concepts using your voice and humming 

‘One of my greatest joys is to share what I have learned with others in the Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy training course. What I love about sound therapy is that the techniques are so simple and accessible to us all, yet can be extremely powerful. In fact, they can be lifechanging. I know this because sound healing has done that for me.’

To learn more about Craig Eddington, visit thesoundtherapycompany.co.uk.

Buy your ticket to the FHT Virtual Congress here*Ticket prices: FHT student members £25, FHT members £30, non-FHT members £45

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