World Cancer Day 2021

Thursday 4 February is World Cancer Day, a day to unite people, communities and countries to raise awareness and take action against cancer. Cancer Research UK are encouraging people to support their life-saving research by wearing a Unity Band, or by making a donation.

As part of the day, we wanted to recognise our therapists who support people living with and beyond cancer, and to say a big thank you for making a difference to the lives of so many.

The following articles take a look at how complementary therapies can support people living with cancer, they are available for FHT members to view and download if wanting to share more widely.

  • In International Therapist Summer 2018 we published an article by Jane Sheehan, MFHT, about establishing a new delivery model for a complementary therapy service based within an NHS palliative care unit. Jane discusses how complementary therapies can support adults living with cancer and how complementary therapies integrated within a multi-disciplinary team.
  • In 2014, Carol Samuel FFHT co-authored a study looking at how complementary therapies can benefit people after cancer.
  • Patricia McDaniel, MFHT, reflects on working with clients affected by trauma and cancer in an article published in International Therapist Winter 2016.

See more articles on this subject in our Reading Room.

Please join us in raising awareness by using the hashtag #WorldCancerDay2021, by sharing the resources available via Cancer Research UK, and by sharing the above articles to raise awareness of the benefits of complementary therapies in supporting cancer care.

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