Benefits of a short digital detox

From checking on family members to updating our social media feeds, and even turning on the lights in our house, we all rely on technology to some extent.

The benefits of taking a digital detox has long been reported with wellbeing guru’s and medical professionals such as nutritional therapist, Madeleine Shaw, Deliciously Ella’s Ella Mills and Dr Chatterjee communicating its benefits.

Dr Chatterjee is a big advocate for taking some time away from your tech. After his digital detox in 2018, he wrote, ‘I have recognised that I need some down time so have decided to take a complete break from social media for the next seven days.

‘I will be deleting the apps from my phone and trying my best to ‘switch off’. As mentioned in my book, I advocate regular breaks from the ‘online world’ – if you have never tried it, I urge you to try, even if only for a few hours.’

The benefits to a digital detox seem endless but to name a few, it can help us to focus on mindful activities, improves our sleep, helps our overall mental health.

Though the thought of an extended period of time without our devices sounds wonderful, we know this can be a difficult adjustment. This is why we are encouraging our members to join us in a weekend digital detox, to down our phones and laptops and head outside to embrace the change in the seasons.

Read a recent study on the benefits of digital detoxes.

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