Sarah Woodhouse, MFHT, writes about Bowen Therapy in the East Anglian Daily Times

Sarah Woodhouse, MFHT, has contributed an article on Bowen therapy to the East Anglian Daily Times.

In the double page spread Sarah discusses the benefits of Bowen therapy especially for clients concerned with skin-on-skin contact, as the therapy can be carried out over clothing.

Sarah said, ‘Don’t be afraid to contact your local press and radio with newsworthy stories (in the form of a press release) about you, your business, and the industry you work in.

‘Local and regional PR is invaluable, and it’s not just about getting new clients there and then! It’s about reinforcing your credibility as a therapist, and planting the seed of awareness in peoples minds so that when they need a therapist they will think of you. Remember, PR is about a long term approach to creating and growing your therapy business!’

Sarah is based in Suffolk and is trained in reflexology, reiki and Bowen therapy. Sarah also works as a tutor for The College of Bowen Studies.

Read the full feature published by the East Anglian Daily Times.

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