How FHT local groups have come together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 lockdown has meant that sadly, FHT local groups (LGs) have been unable to meet face-to-face for months.

In the latest issue of International Therapist we brought a special focus to the innovative ways LGs have come together, bringing a much needed sense of community and togetherness.

Norwich holds weekly Zoom meetings

NorwichFHTs Relationship Executive,    Alice Mort, emailed all local groups about the potential of organising online meetings    during the lockdown, writes Norwich coordinator Jackie Hamilton.

My post on Facebook received quite a few replies and we have been        running weekly Zoom meetings ever since. I am delighted to say that we now have attendance from members in different parts of the country as well.

Each week we have a different speaker and often they introduce a brand new subject area to us all. I make sure to advertise each meeting outside of our local group, as we welcome other therapists and members of the    public to attend. Sharing the knowledge is something I think we all need in these difficult times and I am so grateful to the speakers for having given up their time.

Acupuncture and qi gong at Chester

ChesterWhen I realised we couldn’t hold our regular monthly meeting, I thought why not go ‘live’ on Facebook, writes Chester Coordinator Dee Kelsall.

I formed a Facebook group for Kirsty’s talk on acupuncture and qi gong and was amazed at the                  response from FHT members. We had a total of 126 people join the meeting – a lot more than our usual 10 to 20 attendees! It went really well, and I have kept the group open as we have already got a speaker lined up for our next meeting.

Bournemouth discovers the Hawaiian technique of Hakalu 


Hakalau is a Hawaiian          technique what uses vision to switch our nervous system from a stress response to a    relaxation response, writes Bournemouth                Coordinator Teresa Rich.

For our first online local group meeting, we were very excited to welcome David Shephard all the way from Hawaii. David explained the concept of ha breathing, which uses rhymical diaphragmatic breathing to create heart-brain coherence and        vibration in the throat. This in turn is said to stimulate the vagal nerve at the centre of the parasympathetic nervous system.

David also explained a psycho-sensory technique, sometimes called        havening, which creates a low frequency delta wave in the brain. This technique has been demonstrated to be very effective in removing     amygdala-based symptoms like anxiety, fear and panic.

Local Groups are a valuable hub for all those with a passion for therapies. Hear from excellent speakers about the latest therapies and business ideas, take part in outings and social events, enjoy treatment swaps and share best practice. Find your nearest LG at

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