Kate Mulliss, MFHT, shares a hand reflexology video for Stress Awareness Month


Held every April since 1992, Stress Awareness Month is an opportunity for health care professionals across the country to increase public awareness about stress and how to tackle its underlying causes and symptoms.

A recent survey* found that 82% of FHT Members regularly support people with stress and anxiety, and that reflexology is the most popular complementary therapy with their clients.

With its roots dating back more than four millennia, reflexology as we know it today is based on the principle that special ‘reflex’ points found on the soles, tops and sides of the feet correspond to different areas of the body. In this way, the feet can be seen as a ‘map’ of the whole body.

While the feet are the most common part of the body treated during a reflexology treatment, reflex points can also be found on the hands, ears and face.

By applying specialised massage techniques to the reflex points, the aim of a reflexology treatment is to help restore balance to the body naturally and improve general wellbeing.

Kate Mulliss is a member of the FHT and qualified in reflexology in 1997. She has worked as a complementary therapy lecturer and assessor at her local FE college for over 10 years and now currently teaches reflexology and aromatherapy courses in London and for FHT Accredited Course Provider, TEACH Therapy (www.teachtherapy.co.uk )

In this short video, Kate walks you through a mini hand reflexology treatment, that you can apply to yourself anywhere, at any time, including in the comfort of your own home. It lasts just six minutes per hand and works different reflex points to help ease away stress and anxiety.

Click here to enjoy Kate’s short hand reflexology demonstration

*2020 FHT Member Survey, 626 respondents.

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