Government aspires for social prescription to be universal by 2023, says Dr Michael Dixon


In the latest video by the College of Medicine and ITN productions, Dr Michael Dixon OBE talks to to presenter Natasha Kaplinsky, about social prescribing and how it can help us to create a healthier future.

They begin by discussing the government’s recent strategy on social isolation, highlighting that 4.5m worth of investment is now going into action. Dr Dixon said the money will be prioritised for link workers and investment in the voluntary sector, who provide many of the interventions.

The interview concludes with Dr Dixon talking about the impact on the NHS. He said: “We’ve got our crash helmets on, the only way we’re going to be able to do this is to take this whole field seriously and that really means an investment in time and resources. This will give us headroom […] to be able to go into communities and make a real difference to patients’ welfare, helping them to self care so that we’re not simply spending all our time fixing the damage that’s been done beforehand.”

This video is forms part of a series launched by the College of Medicine, watch the full video.

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